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Decideo is the leading web community about business intelligence, business analytics, data warehouses, big data, data visualization...

We provide news, user stories, best practices, editorials, to federate all the people in the world with a data analysis passion.

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Philippe Nieuwbourg, Analyst specialized in Business Intelligence / Big Data

I am an independent industry analyst, and author, with 20 years experience specializing in business analytics and data intelligence. Based in Montreal, Canada, and Paris, France, I address every day trends, insights, and industry activity relating to business and market intelligence as a leading contributor to the Decideo community. I am a proud member of BBBT (Boulder BI Brain Trust) and lecturer at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal).
I am one of the first to identify the value of combining data visualization and storytelling in the new approach of « Data Storytelling ».
I keynote conferences in North and South America, and Europe, about main technology trends explained for business people.
My professional life turns around Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Data Warehouses, Big Data, Data Visualization, Data Storytelling, Internet of Things...

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